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Friday, September 24, 2010

Prachatai - 'Supinya' says 'Chiranuch' arrest process is unusual. The warrant was issues since 2009.

This is the machine translated article by Google Translate. Original Thai version is here.

(24 Sep 53) Ms. Supinya Central Campaign Committee network citizens. Commenting case of arrested Ms. Chiranuch Premchai Porn Director Prachatai website. After returning from a meeting on Internet freedom. The airport that The arrest was not typical multiple The confusion in the details of the case the year. And have issued arrest warrants last year to 52, but police were arrested at the airport.
However, Ms. Supinya think Of the catch now is not how smart It will make this point is of interest to the world and be captured. Because Chiranuch just returned from meeting the global stage is the stage 2 meeting on Internet Governance Governance. Organized by the United Nations in Lithuania and a seminar on Internet freedom.Sponsored by Google to Hungary
Also Chiranuch be prosecuted as an intermediary. The media on behalf of others is liable to be controversial issues in the global Chiranuch itself a defendant in court cases to be successors are already in the next month. Do not understand why it must be arrested. Is not good for anyone. By the Thai government, which is conspicuousBecause of the freedom to attend the conference and then was arrested while traveling back to that country. Not occur frequently in Thailand. The catch is like a bell around the world in itself cause the climate of fear itself Prachatai blocked sites. Many people do not have access already. It also canceled service to the Forum previously.This suggests that the public can fall, and Tiger was faced with the risk of cases, already.
Ms. Supinya said the citizens' network had previously coordinated with attorneys and organizations. To assist the bail And will demand the government continue. Because they thought that this must be explained. In the current overseas to arrest this. While this is quite fast and aggressive. By their telephones and e-mail on this many From now on, it would seem from the various organizations. It is a big deal that reflects the human rights problems.While the Internet itself. Now the campaign is encouraged via Twitter by
Ms. Supinya said that for the Internet users. One side sees itself would have to be careful. Because the law has no tolerance while Internet users, they should express their concerns or ask about the clarity of the various proceedings. To consider human rights, more. Because these processes may impact on the users themselves are unconscious, too.

Journalists reported that currently have a website. Http:// to retrieve messages from Twitter. The messages and tweets tagged # freejiew including collecting news about the arrest this time. While civil activists and readers who know about Tiger. Encouragement to meet each other in front of Ms. Chiranuch Muang Khon Kaen Police Station. Opposite Sentosa at 23:30 am
Progress Update (21:30 pm), Khon Kaen police come to get the Miss Chiranuch Premchai Porn from Third Class and the transit police in Korat. Heading to Khon Kaen.
(Note: no error in the document year. Staff in the process of editing. But do not yet know exactly what the wrong spot).

Arrest warrant Khon Kaen Provincial Court. On 8 September, BE 2552.
Muang Khon Kaen Police Station officers who sings it. Means the director of Khon Kaen Police Station.
With Ms. Prem Chiranuch Chaiyaporn the offense to find the base. Jointly announced the offender to the public, together defamatory or show disrespect have a great malice The heir to the King or Queen Regent, made a speech shown to the public. Book or any other means. Which is not an action within the intention of the constitution or not to post comments or feedback in good faith to create disorder, or rebellious among the population size to the insurgency in the kingdom so that people violate the law earth, lead into the computer system of any computer data. About which violate the security of the kingdom or offenses relating to terrorism under the Penal Code. And a provider of support or tolerate intentional violations of the computer system in the control of their own.
Therefore, to capture the Miss Chiranuch Premchai Porn --- (personal information) - to send the Police Station of Khon Kaen. The age of 15 years from the date of 27 months to April 2551 will take legal action. But no later than APRIL 27, 2566.
Leaf sections specified blame the perpetrator. Specify the base offense together defamatory or show disrespect have a great malice The heir to the king or queen who has represented him.
Date, time and place of the incident the night of April 27, 2552, Nai Muang, Khon Kaen 

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