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Friday, September 24, 2010

Thai Freedom Press Club Statement on Prachatai's Webmaster arrested

This is a machine translated version by Google Translate from the original Thai statement here.

Press Statement of the club to catch a case cause of freedom. Prachatai. Press Club to condemn freedom if students are caught. Prachatai. Pendant to withdraw the case immediately. With the case, punish the police to prevent bad CEB.Point Prachatai acted strictly in self-regulation already Like the mainstream media often claim not to authorize the state to intervene. With the Association called for the media. And human rights organizations. Including the Law Society, do not ignore. Correspondence Club of Thailand for freedom. Has released a memorandum stating that. As with the arrest of litigation as Sor. Chiranuch Premchai Porn Site Director Prachatai. With the exception of alleged acts. Act computers. Base administrator with users handle these offenses Orฆreamrdrngri monarchy. Fault on April 27 that People and ordinary prudence would know that. Times Web site is a public alternative media on the Internet that offer information of these renovated under a round. And the opportunity for people to comment on the Forum (Forum) through any network. Regardless of their political views in any way. But the political crisis in the past that Enables administrators to monitor web board difficult. Eedใh even have to manually close the Forum at the end of July last. Therefore, the prosecution attributed to the arrest this time is not an action that is intended to Su e Spirit of staff. And government regulators. And does not conform to the fact that a Sor. Chiranuch given the responsibility to monitor itself is already full.As the mainstream media often refer matters to be "self-regulation" to prevent governmental power or domination Universal Insert. Therefore urge the following.

1. The police must immediately withdraw the proceedings first. And senior officers of the National Police and the government should punish police sources as black as the case. Sat Chiranuch CEB to avoid the bad example of this. 

2. The government since the prime minister. Office of the Prime Minister and Minister for the media, governance, Mr. Ong Clark embracing new urgency to the freedom of the media ensures that there is no reason for cases similar to this message than None. The f and Fri. Should be notification of close media and internet television announced after the close since April 7 last. Because the wrongful use of power. Ye big role against B. Optical constitution Violation of freedom of the media. Including the need to remove the dictatorial actions of the red power off printing presses, it's a pattern that has been done so brutal dictator underdeveloped. 

3. Associations concerned with the media. The Journalist Association of ThailandNational Press Council. Radio and Television Journalists Association of Thailand should have expressed their willingness to be acting in his role, protects freedom of the media as soon as possible. Without discrimination. 

4. Human rights organizations and government. A committee of the National Human Rights. Or the Law Society. Or organization campaigning on human rights should have expressed their willingness to be out and playing home safe and protects the freedom of the media as soon as possible. Without discrimination.
Correspondence Club of Thailand for freedom.

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