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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Webmaster Prachatai has already bailed out.

This is the machine translated article by Google Translate. Original Thai version is from Thairath.

Editors and webmasters. Prachatai Online Dot Com. Receive a cash bail of 200,000 baht had been arrested under the warrant, Khon Kaen Neu in social freedoms. Are encouraging. With the threat does not agree with freedom on the Internet ...

If news of the arrest of Ms. Chiranuch PremchaiPorn Editors and webmasters. Prachatai Online Dot Com. When arrested by the police at 15.00 am on 24 Sep 2553 and going through immigration formalities. The airport. According to the arrest warrant. Court KK Mon 8 Sep 2552 to 311/2552, which find that the base offense, jointly announced that offense to anyone, libel, together or show disrespect have a great malice The heir to the King or Queen Regent, making visible to people verbally. Book or any other means. Which is not the intention of the act is constitutional or not to show Comments or feedback in good faith to create disorder, or rebellious. Among the population size to the insurgency in the kingdom, or so. People abuse the land laws, import data into a computer system. Any computer. About which violate the security of the kingdom or guilty about. Terrorism under the Penal Code. And a provider of support or tolerate intentional violations in the system. Computer in the control of their own. "

The arrest warrant was later accused by the decline over the allegations. Police arrested the male has been arrested package handling. Inquiry official Police Station. Muang Khon Kaen Prosecution. By the Thai Rath online news as Pom is gone.

Recent progress has been Ms. Chiranuch bail of 200,000 baht in cash and on time 1:50 am on Sept. 25, 2553, after officers with the question of attorney by Miss Chiranuch time 02:00 hrs. . the same day Ms. Chiranuch. The most recent twitter messages on Twitter @ jiew website states that "Finally, I'm free by bail out. Thanks for all support.".

While the various social circles to criticize the arrest of Ms. Chiranuch particularly moving. The right to freedom of the online world. Including the media. Twist the story all over the world. Ms. Chiranuch was officially arrested in Thailand. The whole does not agree with the actions of public officials. And deprivation are not satisfied with the freedom of online media, and has caught the hash tag # freejiew to cheer for. Thai civil webmaster of the site. The arrest occurred after Ms. Chiranuch got back from the conference. Freedom on the Internet organized by Google and the University of Central European University at Budapest, Hungary.

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