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Friday, February 4, 2011

HBS: LIVE-BLOG Trial Chiranuch Premchaiporn in Thailand

This is the machine translated article by Google Translate. Original German version is here.

3. February 2011
Since 4 February is the trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, the founder and director of the Thai Network Prachatai newspaper, which is charged with Vertstoß of Article 15 of the Computer Crime Act (CCA) and up to 20 years could expect prison.

Prachatai ("Free People") has applied since 2004 as a critical and independent source and Diksussionsplattform to social, political and human rights problems in Thailand. Since 2009, the online platform is under constant observation of the state and has been closed several times. The online forum provides space for discussion and expression of personal opinion and thoughts of readers and is divided into two sections: Society / Politics and Pro-Demokratie/Anti-Diktatur. The online forum was intended as additional public space to print media and as an alternative perspective on Thai politics and enjoyed great popularity especially since 2008.

Chiranuch is also a founding member of the Thai Netizen Network (TNN) , which restrictions and violations of Internet freedoms monitored by the CCA. Members are media activists, Internet users, bloggers and academics in the IT field. Prior to her involvement Prachatai Chiranuch has been active in supporting women's rights and rights for HIV / AIDS patients. Their focus was on gender justice, social welfare and de-stigmatization of HIV / AIDS patients.

Chiranuch was arrested in early March 2009 for violating Article 15 of the CCA, but left shortly afterwards released on bail. In the month of nine violations were added. Under Article 15, each "service provider" for the content on the site operated by responsible and can be held accountable just as much as the author. All 10 violations related to the forum posts online newspaper, published by April to August 2008 of Prachatai users. According to the charge that would defame the royal family and make references to the king and endangering national security. The forums posts were deleted long before the arrest of Chiranuch but Chiranuch occurs as responsible for the content of the website is now eight days against a long process of 4 to 17 is set.

The hearing of witnesses is for the 4th, 8th-11th, and 15th-17. Scheduled in February. Due to great international interest, the hearing into a wider area of the Thai Court on Ratchadapisek road was verleget.Among other 11 NGOs / INGOs, including the Heinrich Boell Foundation and seven embassies have announced the process to be present.

A verdict is eagerly awaited the end of March, as Chiranuchs charge is assessed as a groundbreaking barometer of the current debate over the press and speech freedom.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has process supervisors in the field and will report at the meeting. In addition, publish the editorial background material and information about the process and the views and Pressefreitheit in Thailand on this live blog.



15:03 Further articles appeared: BBC News and The Inquirer .

11:00 Today is the first of the trial. On Prachatai is titled "The trial on the case study of Internet & Intermediary liability in Thailand", an article about the background of the trial appeared.
The report follows from the first day of hearings.

About the increasingly frequent accusations of lese majeste in Thailand writes "The Economist" . Now to be negotiated in the case, however, not so much about treason, but rather to "intermediary liability". Chiranuch should be made responsible for what others have written in comments on Prachatai. In Germany, the issue of "Forum liability" or "provider liability" is not legally shredded. Legally, the operator of a public Internet forum (or blog with comments) is to sue only if he is aware of the criminal content.

Eleven British parliamentarians have an Early Day Motion signed in which they express their concern expressed that the trial against freedom of expression Chiranuch Premchaiporn hazardous inThailand. At the same time they ask their government to deal with the issue. The text in the text :
"Not that this House notes with concern the case of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, the Director of Thai news website Prachatai, who is on trial in Thailand under its Computer Crime Act for removing third party comments criticizing the monarchy from her site quickly enough and who, if convicted, faces a maximum sentence of 50 years in jail, believe that this action threatens Thailand's reputation for tolerance of free expression and risks creating a climate of fear; further notes with concern that this Particular law has led to thousands of websites being blocked in Thailand ; opposes web blocking and censorship, calls on the government of Thailand to review the situation. and "

The blog "Freedom of Expression" has an English-Fact Sheet to the process published.
The channel France 24 has led to Chiranuch Interview (Video) .


1_ Klaus Jahn
4. February 2011, 13:10 clock

The story of lese majeste, the model of the Empire seems to go back, while others point to Japan is nine parts in German in a German special page for the topic treated in Thailand: here Part 1 of 9 

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