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Saturday, February 5, 2011

robilea: Day 1:Duplicitous Aree Jivorarak admits Chiranuch on trial for alleged criticism of government

Smiling, duplicitous Aree Jivorarak, Thailand’s chief censor, admitted that he had spoken with Chiranuch many times during the period she was being set up without ever telling her of the plot against her, and admitted further today that Chiranuch was not being tried for any alleged acts of lèse majesté, but for being the web director of a publication which he alleged criticized the government.

Aree admitted that his agency had tracked the IP addresses of the actual authors of the alleged acts of lèse majesté, but had chosen to persecute Chiranuch instead of to prosecute the alleged authors. Aree was unable to name the agencies, or committee members who decided that the postings on the Prachatai web board, which Chiranuch did not author and is not charged with authoring, constituted lèse majesté.

Aree refused, point blank, sullen and silent, to reply to several questions put to him by defense counsel, with the full backing of the Kangaroo Kourt.

PPT has posted FACThai’s complete account of Day One of the Regime’s farcical attempt to persecute Chiranuch and thus to silence its only mainstream critic in Thailand.
FACThai’s full account is also available locally, and in a précise.

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