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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The more the government suppress the dissidents, the more risk of political violence.

This is the machine translated article by Google Translate. Original Thai version is here.

Analysts - The more the government suppress the dissidents, the more risk of political violence.

Reuters reported analysts as claimed in Internal and external indicators. The arrested person has a reputation as well as off site or thousands of sensors. Which measures the Thai government to limit the scope of the opinions by Quote peace. Especially vulnerable to unrest, political pop up.
Say Mark Jacobs, senior analyst of Southeast Asia's River Control masks strategy consulting firm, said in English. The government's response to those opinions may have led to the expression of anti harder.
"As soon as the official start Reactions such There is no other choice. In addition, the same act with more power. It is a bad cycle, "he states.
While blessings Chiranuch Premchai land Prachatai web. The accused was arrested by the verge of institutions of high And violation of computer law on September 17 last. Revealed to the press after the bail out that "There is no clear standard that is where Law does not guarantee freedom of speech. Or provide protection for us. "
Reuters indicated that Since political violence. Which killed 91 people to list in April. And May, the past, Bangkok and other provinces still under the 6 declared an emergency situation. The prohibition of political integration. And empowered the government to declare curfew Media censorship. And control of suspects without charges has.
Protesters at least 185 people were in control of officials. While thousands of Web sites being closed since April. And the site is closed since 2007, since then up to 100,000 link community radio stations, including dozens of Cable television station of the red shirts they were forced to cease broadcasting and video.
The Dr. Thitinan. Pongsudhirak Conservation. Faculty of Political Science. Chulalongkorn University, pointed out that the latest arrest of the opposition this reveals the doctrine of popular power. Civil strong mix of Thai soldiers by explaining that the current leadership is a hybrid of democratic civilian The core soldier
The Somyot flora Kasemsuk Front Red and land magazine, Red Power, said, "How to make people disagree with the government peace Pak peace terms is to use tactics more" by adding that currently do not publishing any courage. to publish books for them. As well as the hotel was reluctant to give them a seminar.
The official pointed out that Red Power Magazine. With circulation of 40,000 copies of this distorted reality. And incitement to cleavage The Culture Ministry has also threatened to close the magazine version. The anti-government content. Because the magazines are not allowed to register under the publication.
Moreover Those analysts also said. Of the various In the past, the government may have a breath. Before elections, when the best time. But warned that it may cause the prolonged conflict for another.
"The disengagement from the criticism the government is free to control the national agenda and the headlines are," said Dr. Chan Siri agricultural historians, political sci. And the former described the position on the Thammasat University, said, "but people would find expression of their protest. And find a way back into the political dialogue itself. It will be smooth or not, it depends on the government. "


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